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Logan Registration Service

Located across the street from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles Headquarters, Logan Registration provides quick and personal service. This strategic location allows us the ability to obtain information that would otherwise be unavailable.  We offer a wide array of services at very competitive prices.

We are proud of our many years of experience and highly skilled, efficient, and friendly staff.  Our company is always up to date on the procedures, regulations, and changes in record searching.

This website is designed to assist people in retrieving information from the CA Dept. of Motor Vehicles.  If you are looking for specific forms to buy or sell a car, apply for a license, apply for a permit etc. you can find it all right here!  We have located many of the necessary forms and information you may need to help you get those timely tasks done right from your desk!

Great Service and NO MONTHLY FEE 

Logan Registration provides you with fast personalized service and there is no monthly fee.  Just pay for the transactions you run.  There is a $10 minimum during months in which you run records, but you will not be invoiced during any month in which you have no activity.


as of June 1st the following states costs will increase

New jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina

Now Available! The Logan Registration Service Requester Code End User Reference Guide

Because our California DMV Requester Code End User Reference Guide was so well received (at the recent CALI conference, we have decided to make it available to all of our on-line customers for $25.  This price includes postage and handling.


The 67 page reference manual includes:


-           Examples of a completed DMV requester code for new applicants..

-           Examples of completed DMV requester code renewal application.

-           Valuable information related to navigating a DMV audit.

-           Sample Information Security Policy.

-           Information Security Statement example.

-           Sample of a simple Security Response Plan.

-           Information about interpreting vehicle registration and driving  records.


The present manual addresses PI concerns; however, we expect to have a new manual ready for our insurance companies within a couple of weeks.  This manual will address prorated Vehicle License Fee refunds and will have samples of the VLF form that is returned to our customers when requesting that information.  It will also cover how to manually calculate the prorated VLF if necessary, what vehicles are not subject toVLF refunds, etc.  The capability of manually calculating VLF refund information if necessary is available on our website for our insurance companies.


If you wish to order a manual, please send an email to


Best regards,



Joan O’Hare, President

Logan Registration Service

VRs with As-Of Date 

No Problem.  These records are returned to you overnight!

Nationwide Records 

Please refer to the "Out Of State Fees" tab found on the left side of this page for price, availability and turnaround time for out of state requests.


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