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"DMV Records Instantly to You!"

Logan Registration Service, Inc. is one of the leading On-line information providers of DMV records in California, and does business throughout all 50 states.

Our high security firewalled network of direct-to-DMV interfaces captures current driver record data (DL’s) and motor vehicle records (VR’s) and we deliver it to you instantly, in real-time for quick and accurate transactions.

Driving Records (DL's) and Vehicle Records (VR's) for All 50 states
Driver's license records: DL's 

*Instant current status for name and DL numbers
*Easy to read standardized reports
*Up to date information
*DL 44's direct from DMV upon request
*Updated Standardized violation codes
*Manual DL requests of records unavailable through automation
*Certified Records upon request

Vehicle/Vessel Records: VR's 

*VR's-Immediate current vehicle records including title and registration
*VLF's- Vehicle License Fees-get up-to-date VLF's calculated automatically
*ANI's- Automated Name Index-identifies all vehicles registered at one specific address to one specific person, including vessels
*Photo Histories- copies of the actual transfer documents
*Clearance Information- including any fees paid and unpaid. Ie outstanding parking ticket, smog fees due, past DMV fees due etc.
*Automated Histories- the history of the vehicle while it was in California
* Certified Records upon request

Great Service with No Monthly fee!

Logan Registration provides you with fast personalized service and you only pay for the transactions you actually run. There is a minimum monthly service charge of $20 in months in which you run records, which counts towards any records run.

Time and accuracy are paramount to our customers and when you call us during business hours. We guarantee that you will be greeted by one of our highly skilled, friendly staff to help answer your questions.

Now Available. The Logan Registration Service Requester Code End User Reference Guide:  

Because our California DMV Reference Guide has been so well received at the conferences we have attended, we have decided to make it available to all of our on-line customers for only $25 which includes postage and handling. Our 67-page manual includes:

*Examples of completed DMV requester code for new applicants
*Examples of completed DMV requester code renewal applications
*Valuable information related to navigating a DMV audit
*Sample Information Security Statement and Policy
*Sample of a simple Security Response Plan
*Information about interpreting vehicle registration and driving records

If you wish to order a manual or desire additional information, please send an email to and we will get right back to you.

Best Regards,

Michael Sparks
Logan Registration Service, Inc.

VRs with As-Of Date 

No Problem.  These records are returned to you overnight!

Nationwide Records 

Please refer to the "Out Of State Fees" tab found on the left side of this page for price, availability and turnaround time for out of state requests.


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